Attendance - Policy #- 3110, 3121, 3122

As we know, attendance is a key component in student success. Dependable and punctual attendance is also critical in the world of work. With this in mind, we want to do all that we can to encourage regular attendance and have students and parents aligned with the school on this issue.

Students with fifteen absences (excused and unexcused) in a class during a semester may be denied credit for the course. Absences for school activities are excluded from this total. School activities include athletics, field trips, assemblies and other school-sponsored activities. Students ARE allowed 5 cultural absences for the year. These must be approved before the day of the absence. Students and parents will be informed with a letter when the student reaches ten absences in a semester. At fifteen absences, a No Credit (NC) grade will be given for the course. An appeal process is available. The parent and student may petition an attendance review committee. The appeal process allows extenuating circumstances to be heard. Key factors for consideration by the attendance committee will be absences for chronic or severe medical conditions or travel that includes an educational benefit.

Learning, formal and informal, occurs daily in each class. Many activities, discussions, presentations and observations in the classroom are unique and, without attending, there is no way for the student to benefit from these experiences. In addition, frequent absences can impede the progress of the entire class, when repetition and review are needed for those returning to class. Regular attendance will help each student be successful and develop desirable traits for future employment.

Whenever possible, parents should notify the school in advance of an absence. If the absence cannot be excused in advance, such as in the case of unexpected illness or family emergency, a phone call to the school the morning of the actual absence is preferred. If this is not possible, the absence must be excused within two days of a student’s return to school. If an absent student has not been excused by 9:30 a.m., the office staff will make an attempt to contact the parent by phone, primarily as a safety concern for the student.

Five unexcused absences within any month or ten within any school year shall result in filing a petition with juvenile court, in accordance with state law.

Any student leaving school for any reason must check out through the school office. Students in grades K-8 must be checked out with an adult who has signed them out personally in the school office.